Snow Fl.
Snow Fl. avatar
Snow Fl.
Vital statistics
Position First, Orphan Class
Age 2
Status Orphaned
Physical attributes
Height About 2.37 feet
Weight 20.6 pounds
The First

Backstory Edit

After her parents were killed and her face was scarred, she was treated and taken in by a backalley doctor and was almost immediately after being taught forced to make weapons. After some time, she broke free and met Creamiline Rogue. Eventually, she was inducted into the Killerbunnies

General Appearance Edit

Her usual appearance is that of a young girl with slightly curled pigtails, bound by hair bobbles. Her eyes are blue and her hair is white. She usually wears toddler clothes.

Personality Edit

It is described as very vague but what can be said is that she tends to do things if it favors her or, rather, her goals for survival, and isn't afraid to dispose of any comrades.

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